Personal Contact

Don't communicate by e-mail at the expense of personal interaction. For a fresher like you, emailing your resume may be sensitive tasks. There is no better communication than a personal communication. A Fresher while emailing the resume, Make necessary to confirm that your resume has all the requires information & the body of the email can be a brief of how you got to know about the job opportunity & and a small introduction about you and your interest.

ALERT On What You Say & How You Say It

While the computer brings people together, its impersonal nature can lead to remarks that people wouldn't think of saying in person. It is always necessary & must do whatever it takes to stay courteous, decent & polite in the language you write.

Be Careful When Clicking SEND

Remember whatever you say in the cyberspace cannot be taken back. There is no control, once you click the send button. The same mail can be saved or forwarded to different recipients. Hence you need to be very cautious before you click the on SEND.

Today sending resumes through e-mails is the most effective & fastest way of job hunting. If you notice your resume getting rejected frequently and inadequate responses to your emails, go through the following ten tips to increase the effectiveness of your resume.

1. While applying for a job, as far as possible try to put the company's mail ID in the 'TO' column instead of keeping it in the 'CC' or 'BCC' column.

2. Do not keep any other company's mail ID in the 'CC' of the same mail.

3. If necessary you can keep your own mail ID in the 'CC' of the same mail.

4. While sending resumes to many E-mail Ids at the same time, keep all the addresses in the 'BCC' of the mail which will not be visible for the recipients. Also put your own mail ID in the 'TO' column.

5. Do not paste your resume in the mail Text; it is always recommended to attach the resume.

6. While applying for any company's notifications, do follow the instructions word by word.

7. When you are asked to write any particular 'subject line', write accurately what is being asked to do. This is Very important because today all the mail boxes are attacked by spam & virus mails and the recipient will be filtering your mails automatically/manually based on the mail subject only.

For eg. When you are asked to write the subject'Software Engineer-Bangalore", write accurately that and do not write "I am applying for the post of Software Engineer - Bangalore"

8. Also try to write the important part of your subject at the beginning because in the recipient's mail box the longest subjects will be truncated and only the first part will be displayed.

For eg. Instead of writing 'My registration no. is EC12345' try writing 'EC12345 - Registration no.' Please note here that the company will be looking only for your registration no. and it is better if you write just " EC12345 ".

9. Please note that all your casual mails with the subject ' Freshers Resume' or 'Registration details' will be summarily deleted and do not spend time on sending such mails where the notification asks you to put a specific ' subject'.

10. Do not send the mail 3 or 4 times in order to make sure it reaches correctly which may irritate the recipient. Instead, in the first mail itself put your own mail ID in the 'BCC' and check if the mail is received properly.

11.Don't use informal short forms.

12.Read your mail two times before you click on the SEND button.